Wednesday 17 April 2019

Curry Chicken

We had curry chicken for dinner last evening, then I remember I had yet update my blog with this recipe. It is a long overdue recipe...
I have been very busy so you will see less of me here. I hope all are well for you. Do drop me acomments if you find the recipes are helpful for you. This will motivate me to continue update my blog with new recipes😁. Actually they are not new, they are all stored in my walking computer... The "computer" above the shoulder.😜 . To me to cook the dish is easier than to write the recipe.

This is a very simple dish which is nice to eat and can be use in all occasions. I like cooking this is when there is left over (usually will) , it will become our breakfast too. We will dip bread or prata in curry for breakfast. And if there is still leftover, I will add cabbage into the curry sauce and it will turn into another dish - curry chap chye for next day dinner..haha.

1 chicken (1 - 1.2kg) - chopped into 10pcs

To season the chicken:
1/2 thumb size ginger - chopped
1.5 tsp sea salt
1 tsp curry powder
Dash of pepper

Rest of ingredients and seasoning:
250g thick coconut milk
3 big potatoes - each cut into pcs
2 TBSP Olive oil/cooking oil
10 small onions - chopped
3 cloves garlic - chopped
1 big onion - chopped
2 stalk lemon grass - cut into 2-3cm length
Some curry leaves(optional)
3 TBSP curry powder add some water to make paste
1 TBSP Demerara sugar/any type of sugar
3 tsp of sea salt 

Method :
1.Wash and chop chicken into pieces. Season it with salt, curry powder, pepper and ginger. Set aside.

2.In a work add olive oil, onion and garlic and fry them to light brown, add lemon grass, curry leaves and fry another few seconds, add curry powder paste and continue to fry until fragrance. Be watchful at this point: Lower the heat if necessary to prevent burnt.

3.Add the seasoned chicken into wok and stir fry few sec , then add half the amount of coconut milk and continue fry for 30sec then add water that is enough to cover the chicken , add sugar and salt. Adjust the seasoning according to your taste. How much to add or reduce depend on your tastebuds and also how much water you have added.

4.When curry is about to boil, add potatoes and continue to cook until the potatoes are 3/4 cooked.  Add the remaining coconut milk. Continue to cook until curry is boiled and potatoes are cooked. That is potatoes are slightly soft and you are able to cut it through using a spoon. Curry is done. Remove from heat.

Note : Do not over cooked curry at item4 to prevent potatoes and chicken meat overly soft and ended up no meat and no potatoes as they melt into curry. I usually add potatoes only when the curry is about to boil to prevent potato too soft and meat too tough.