Friday 7 August 2015

Snow Skin Mooncake (Cook method)冰皮月饼

Ingredients 用料 (冰皮 Snow Skin)
45g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉45克
35g White Rice Flour 粘米粉35克(大米粉)
20g Wheat Starch 小麦淀粉20克(澄面)
18g Vegetable Oil 植物油18克
185g Milk 牛奶185克
50g Icing sugar 糖粉50克(too sweet should reduce to 35g)

450g lotus paste 莲蓉馅450克
20g melon seeds 瓜子20克

Method for snow skin 制作冰皮
1. Combine milk, vegetable oil (sunflower/corn oil) and icing sugar together. Do not use olive or peanut oil. As the aroma for the oil is too strong.

2. Combine glutinous rice flour, white rice flour and wheat starch  in a bowl. Add above 1 into flour and mix them well.

3. Sieve the liquid mixture 1-2 times

4. After sieved, cover the bowl of mixture with cling wrap and put into boiling water to steam for 25min.

5. Immediately after steam, remove from heat and use a pair of chop stick to stir the dough into a smooth dough.

6 Let the dough cool down and then store in fridge.

7. Prepare some kou fen (fried glutinous flour). You may fry some glutinous flour in low fire  if you do not have ready made kou fen. Remove from heat once it turn light yellow. Kou Fen is done.

8. Add melon seeds to lotus paste.

9. When the snow skin dough is cold, divide the dough and lotus paste filling into small portion. Snow skin is 25g and lotus filling is 47g.
冷却后的冰皮面糊与莲蓉馅分别分成小份. 则冰皮分成25克1份,莲蓉馅分成47克1份

10. Put snow skin dough on hand and flatten it. Place filling on the snow skin. Wrap the lotus filling with the skin.
将冰皮放在手心压扁。然后把莲蓉馅放在冰皮上。用冰皮把 莲蓉馅 包起来,收口捏紧

11. Sprinkle some kou fen(cooked glutinous flour) into mould, shake  off excess flour. Lightly coat mooncake with cooked kou fen. Shake off any excess flour. Place into a mooncake mould. Press to print the pattern. Repeat this step until finish all the dough and fillings. Store the mooncakes into an air-tight container. Refrigerate for few hour. Serve it cold.