Thursday 21 May 2015

Homemade Burger Sandwich

Homemade burger is always the best. No preservative added. Most important is it fresh and you can adjust according to your taste. Mother-in-law used to make this when we lived with her. Hubby loved buger. Usually when restaurant menu has burger bread, he will not failed to order it. So naturally I will want to learn this and add to my list. 

Burger is quite easy to make. Simple ingredients that can be found in the fridge or kitchen. Just few steps and you will get it done. I used to buy those readymade from supermarket.  They are not cheap. Hubby find those not as good as homemade. So, this also give me motivation to make burger at home..... :)

250gm minced beef
2.5 tablespoon of light sauce
1 big onion - chopped
1 slice of bread
1 tsp of potato flour
A dash of ground pepper
A dash of ground ginger powder
1 tsp  sunflower oil (for cooking)
Some water (for soaking bread)

For Sandwiches:
8 slices of bread or 4 burger bread
Butter or margarine

Soak one slice of bread in the water for a few seconds.  Purpose is to wet the bread.
Gentle squeeze out some excess water.  Rub the soft bread into paste. Set aside.
Place minced meat and onion in a large bowl. Add bread paste and light sauce (you can replaced with sea salt),flour , pepper and ginger powder. Mix them well.

With gloved hands, divide the meat mixture into 4 portions. Roll each of them into a ball and then flatten it into a patty.

Heat up a flat non-stick frying pan. Pour about 1 tsp of oil into the frying pan. With a kitchen paper towel or tissue oiled the frying pan. Place the patties into the pan. Pan fry one side for about 2-3 min or until light brown on medium fire. Turn the side and pan fry until light brown. 

Toast 2 slices of bread, spread with magarine or butter. Place the cooked patties on one bread with lettuces and sliced cucumber and sliced tomato. Top with another bread. 


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