Saturday 16 May 2015

Homemade Yoghurt ( Yogurt)

It is very easy to make your own yoghurt at home. Simple steps and no need any skill or machine required.  Just the normal pot that you can find in your kitchen with a container with lid and a piece of kitchen towel and a spoon of plain yoghurt as your starter. And from there onwards you can have non-stop yoghurt. Just always remember to keep one spoon of your existing yoghurt as a starter will do! The existing yoghurt is the life culture. So you do not need any other life culture. Easy right? 

It is very economical to make your own yoghurt.  And you can have 'free flow' from there on. I usually buy 2 carton of milk from fairprice. Two carton x 1litre cost $5.95. That is you can make up to 2 litre of yoghurt with $5.95. Very economical right?  With your homemade yoghurt you can use it for baking muffins and many other purposes.

This is how I do it....

2 cups(500mil) fresh milk
1tbsp plain yoghurt as starter
1tsp sugar (optional)

Item Needed:
A pot
A clean container with cover 
A clean dry kitchen towel or keep warm bag

1. Heat up the milk in a pot at low fire to about 40°C. Approximately 2-3mins or when the condensation outside of pot is completely gone and when you start to see slight water vapour. Off the fire. DO NOT BOIL THE MILK.  The milk must be  WARM and not hot. If you see bubble formed at the side of pot mean it is too hot. Leave the milk to cool down a little if too hot. Too hot will kill the life culture in the starter. 

If you have a thermometer,  use it. However,  if no thermometer, to make sure milk is not too hot or too cold, scoop a teaspoon of milk and pour on the back of the hand. It should be warm when touch skin. This will be the right temperature. 

2. In a clean container put the yoghurt and sugar(optional). Pour about 1/4 of the warm milk into the container and stir until all well mixed. Then pour in the remainder warm milk and stir well. 
Note : You may stir in 1 tablespoon of milk powder if you want a thicker texture of yoghurt...which will taste like greek yoghurt. 

3. Cover the container of milk mixture with the lid. Wrap the container with dry towel or leave the container of milk mixture in the food warmer. Leave it on the kitchen table for minimum 4 hours at room temperature. When the texture resemble curd or beancurd texture - this is the yogurt.  Remove container from warmer and store in refrigerator. Serve when it is cold with fruits,  cereal or eat it on its own.

I bought this warmer bag from Daiso. Cost $2.

Do leave a comment and share your experience using this recipe. Happy making. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Note : 
The best time to make is at night and leave it on table top overnight until early morning. The longer it sit out in room temperature the more sourish it will be. So, make this before sleep, leave it on table top until early next morning then transfer into refrigerator to store and keep. 

There is no need any other life culture in this recipe. The yoghurt we eat is already a life culture to use for the yoghurt making. 

You may use this yoghurt to make : 


  1. Thank you very much for sharing
    I will try it

  2. Thank you very much for sharing
    I will try it

  3. How long can home make yogurt last?

    1. I would suggest you make small portion if your consumption is low. Finish it asap

  4. How long can home make yogurt last?

    1. I would suggest you consume it asap. Make in small quantity if consumption is low.

  5. which type is the yogurt you used for fermentation?plz excuse me ..a lot of varities are available in the market and I heard that if the yogurt contains gelatin will slow down fermentation.. :)

  6. I made it last night but it did no curd, why?
    I did not use warmer bag, I just covered it and put inside the oven.

    1. Pauline Quek, follow the method that I posted, it should curd.
      you can use a piece of clean dry kitchen towel to wrap if you do not have a warmer bag. I have never try your method, unable to advise.
      It could be the temperature of your oven, it could be the temperature of your milk. check on those area.

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  8. Hi plain yogurt just need 1tblspn? Will have yummy taste? And each time i cook my be 2 cups 500ml freshmilk?