Wednesday 28 October 2015

Ginger treatment for stainless steel wok for non-stick effect

I have recently switch to use stainless steel wok to replace my hard anodized wok which i had used for 2-3years. The hard anodized wok is good but after using for 1-2 years depend on usage, the centre portion started to turn from grey to silver colour. This makes me feel uncomfortable. I have started using hard anodized wok about 6-7years ago. And both hard anodized wok had the same issue after using for a while. You will see the part in the centre turn silver colour.

Didn't want to switch to non-stick as the coating will start to drop off after sometime.

I happen to see this stainless steel wok while i was browsing and the friendly sale staff strongly recommended me to buy one. She shared that she has been using this same brand stainless steel wok for many years and it is good. She also shared that alot of time people complain stainless wok 'no good' is because they didn't use it the right way and therefore they give up.

According to her, those stainless steel wok get burnt easily are not real stainless steel. Those are the one has alot aluminium content resulted is overheated easily.

With her recommendation and sharing, i decided to give it a try and bought it. It came with some instructions to treat the wok before use
And i did it.

After bought it, I also went into google and you-tube to view how others use their stainless steel wok. There are really alot of different ways of using stainless steel wok. One of the video clip ,a chinese program, attracted my attention. The lady used a piece of ginger to create non-stick effect especially for pan fry meat without oil.  Upon viewing, i tested it on my wok and it really work so well. Now i will do the ginger treatment whenever i cook pork chop. My pork.chop has added sugar and the stainless steel wok after treated with ginger really to not stick at all. Halleilujah!

It is simple and quick and do not need much effort yet can have non-stick effect and healthier as no oil required. This is how i do it :

1. Cut a small piece of ginger.

2. In a dry and clean stainless steel wok..make sure is dry. Use a piece of ginger with the side that is sliced rub the entire inside surface of the wok. Do not on fire at this step while you are rubbing the ginger on the wok.

(My apologies, the video has some problem, it is alright on my device but it just didn't work well when it is here.)

3. Then switch on the fire and you can start to place the meat on the wok to pan fry the meat. No oil is needed. This wok will work like a non-stick wok..

You may want to try this Pan fry meat on this wok. No oil.


  1. May I know what is the brand of the wok? Looks good. Thanks

  2. May I know what is the brand of the wok? Looks good. Thanks

  3. Thanks but I tried but its still stickšŸ˜­…mine is wmf

    1. It should work. Even no brand stainless steel works. The possibility is wok not cleaned & dried before rubbing ginger or the inner surface not properly rub with the ginger. Try again