Tuesday 8 December 2015

Soft Bread with Rolled Oats

Late night freshly baked. Just took out from my BM. I am surprised to yield such tall bread. This is the  basic 500g soft bread recipe that came with the Mayer MMBM12 Bread Maker. I did some modification on the ingredients and omitted the enriched bread powder. There isn't tangzhong nor yudane used in this loaf. I didn't use the expensive hokkaido milk either. (One carton of hokkaido can buy 2 carton of normal fresh milk). Yet it yield such beautiful and tall bread that is bigger and taller than 750g.


Updates on 10 Dec 2015:
Woke up this morning to slice the bread. It is soft and chewy. Though, it is not as soft in compare with those loaves with added yudane. But still it is a very soft bread that it can bend up and down without breaking. Next round I shall try this recipe with yudane or tangzhong. ๐Ÿ˜Š

This is the loaf..... and I like the texture. It is chewy and soft and fluffy. The kind of bread that I like ~ chewy texture. Thank God for the bread maker that made such wonderful bread. The "soft bread function 1" produces good bread. ๐Ÿ˜Š I have fresh and nice bread everyday. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Conclusion: No need an expensive BM. Mine is a BM which cost below S$100. I got it at promotion. Cost me $88. It is not the BM that matter but the recipes. With good recipes, you will yield good bread. Cheers!

Just to show you the loaf before modification:

See the great different?

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Ingredients(Original Main Dough/Base Dough):
200g Cold Fresh Milk (orig 190g water)**
1 egg approx 50g**
1 tsp Sea salt (orig 1/4 tsp salt)
1 2/3 - 2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp olive oil (orig 1 3/4 tbsp)
300g Bread flour (orig 330g high gluten flour)
30g Rolled oat(can be replaced by flour)

1 tsp instant yeast

Additional :
1 tbsp Rolled Oats(optional) (will omit this next round)

**Note: total egg and milk to be 250g. One way is put egg into the cup and add milk to 250g.

Directions using Bread Maker:
1)Place fresh milk, sugar, salt, oil, breadflour, and rolled oats into the tin of the bread machine (according to the sequence as stated in the instruction manual of your bread machine). Make an indentation on the flour and add in the instant yeast. Then cover the yeast with some of the flour.
3) I used "Soft Bread"  "Function 1" with "Light" crust. Although it is a 500g recipe  however I have chosen weight 750g.  Thank God that I set 750g. My BM indicated it take 2hrs 55mins for soft bread to complete the whole cycle.
4)After 1st beep, i add one spoon of rolled oats.(optional).
5)When the loaf is ready, there will be a continuous beep sound. Remove tin and shake out the loaf onto a rack and leave to cool. Appro. an hour. Slice it and serve.

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28Dec2015 updates:
Used this recipe replaced 30g of bread flour with organics wholemeal flour and added 2 tbsp milk powder. Set mix dough function x 1, 25mins. I mixed with the cover opened for about 10-15mins. Then set sweet bread 2 hrs 40mins, light crust & 750g weight.

The loaf is extremely tall even with added wholemeal flour. No yudane, no tangzhong, no whipped cream but it is soft and light.

Yesterday I made this same bread and same recipe and replaced 30g bread flour with superfine wholegrain flour. I achieved a short bread. I think the organic wholemeal flour yield better bread.

Updates on 7/Jan/2016 (Fermented overnight dough):
My sister introduced to me to add fermented overnight dough to existing recipe. That is, any kind of recipe.
See this is the results, very super tall bread which hit the ceiling. It is extremely soft and the bread aroma is extremely fragrance. I am very satisfied with the loaf. Texture is soft even with added superfine wholegrain and rolled oats. A few times I tried adding superfine whole grain flour to recipe, it was disappointing. However, yesterday with this new method, the bread is fluffy soft and full of aroma and it taste good.

Fermented Dough(Starter/Poolish):
100g superfine wholegrain flour ( you can use bread flour or wholemeal or rye or spelt)
100g water
A pinch of instant yeast

Fermented dough

1. Place all the ingredients in a plastic container with a lid that can be tighten.  Mix them well together. Close the container with the lid. Leave it in the refrigerator(NOT freezer) overnight or at least 12hours. I kept mine for 48hours as I didn't bread the next day after making the dough.

2. When preparing to bake bread, take out a portion of the overnight dough and add it into the recipe. Any recipe.

3. I added 90g (or any amount as my sis suggested 50-100g) of the fermented overnight dough into above soft bread with rolled oats recipe. And I also added 2 tablespoon of milk powder. You can add any amount range from 50-100g fermented overnight dough. No need calculation. Straight forward method. No hazzle. I like this method. It is easy.

4. I set soft bread function light crust. Weight 750g Whole cycle is 2 hours 55mins.

This is the modified recipe with added fermented overnight dough:

Ingredients(yield 1000g):
200g Cold Fresh Milk
1 egg approx 50g**
1 tsp Sea salt
1 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp soft brown sugar( u can use white sugar)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp milk powder
90g fermented overnight dough(cold from fridge)
300g Bread flour
30g Rolled oat (can be replaced by flour)
1 tsp instant yeast

Additional 1 tbsp bread flour (if dough is too wet)

Please put in the ingredients according to the sequence. Set soft bread mode 1. Light crust. 750g. My bread overflow. It yield probably 1kg.

As the Bread Maker start to work and all ingredients formed into dough, approximately 5 mins. I saw the dough was a little wet. Added a tablespoon of bread flour.

As for the remaining fermented dough, add another 50g of wholegrain superfine flour and 50g water and mix them together. No need add yeast. Just flour and water. Store in refrigerator for next use.

I may have to look into the quantity of ingredients in my next bread making to "solve" the hitting ceiling issue. Although it was a good problem but still need to solve :)

Happy Baking.

Updates on 9/Jan/2016 with Fermented Dough:
Today I have reduced the main dough to suit my BM as my BM max is 750g loaf. This is the updated recipe to cater for 750g BM.

Ingredients(yield 750g):
137g Cold Fresh Milk
1 egg approx 50g**
1 tsp Sea salt
1 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp soft brown sugar( u can use white sugar)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp milk powder
90g fermented overnight dough
220g Bread flour
30g Rolled oat
1 tsp instant yeast

With the above reduced ingredients, it still yield a tall bread. With fermented method, we actually uses less flour yet yield tall and softer, very fragrance and favourful bread. And if you are able to achieve tall bread is a bonus. Find the bread texture is different after adding fermented dough and it give chewy and soft (holey)bread texture. Just yesterday my church's sermon talked about God is Holy and people are Holey (hole-y). God said "You must be holy because I, the LORD, am holy"(Leviticus 20:26/1Peter1:6). The preacher said people are hole-y, full of holes. So whatever he received, it will leak because of the holes. The love that the person received will leak away. Holes are the bitterness and unforgiveness  in ones' life. This person can come before God to seek God and let God patch up those holes. God, who is the Creator of you and me, can renew, revive and restore a person. And Jesus is the way. It is something we can ponder upon, food for thoughts. Bible said Jesus is the Bread of Life - the Spiritual Bread that everyone needs. Everyday we are baking bread. But this is earthly physical bread that can only fill our physical body but not able to fulfill the spiritual need or what the soul is hunger for.
Haha...talking about "holey" bread, lead to think of the sermon.  Back to bread. The fermented dough method produced "holey" bread. Holey bread has alot of pockets holes in the bread and therefore make the bread fluffy and chewy. It is unlike the airy bread where you feel you are biting air. Whereas this texture though is holey(hole-y), full of holes but it give a chewy texture. The texture I like. The bread remain soft and moist for few days. Unlike those without fermented dough, bread become stale very quickly.
Basing on these few days of baking, I find the fermented dough added to the main recipe improved the texture.

A friend from a baking group who adopted this method that is added fermented dough with other recipe of her own and did not yield tall bread. So if you are experiencing not so tall bread, perhaps to look into the main dough which you use. Encourage you to use a recipe which you have baked before and have confident as your main dough. By doing this you will be able to do troubleshooting if the bread disappoint you.

This recipe is very easy. You only add on fermented dough into a base recipe(main dough) that is an existing recipe and DO NOT require any calculation. It is straight forward method that is similar to using a recipe and added on some nuts, etc..
The only thing you need to be mindful is if you are using a 1000g max BM, choose a 750g recipe as the base or main dough and add on the fermented dough. As the added fermented dough will yield a loaf that is 1000g or above and also improve the texture. Therefore, for 750g max BM, choose a recipe that is 500g as base or main dough. As for those BM max is 500g, you will have to add minimum amount of fermented dough and expect a very tall loaf that might hit the "roof".

The above pictures is to show how tall the loaf is.

The rest of the step remain no change. That is, set soft bread mode 1. Crust "light". Weight 750g. Time taken 2hrs 55mins.

Updates on 10/Jan/2016:
A friend from a facebook group asked for recipe for her BM10 500g capacity bread maker. I have NOT tested this recipe on my own. Basically, i have reduced the quantity by 1/3 from my original base recipe. Happy baking.

Ingredients (yield 500g with fermented dough):
116g Cold Fresh Milk (that is milk + egg =166g)
1 egg approx 50g**
2/3 tsp Sea salt
2/3 tbsp white sugar
2/3 tbsp soft brown sugar( u can use white sugar)
1 1/3 tbsp olive oil
1 1/3 tbsp milk powder
50g fermented overnight dough
200g Bread flour
20g Rolled oat
2/3 tsp instant yeast

Method :
Set soft bread mode 1. Light crust. Weight 500g. Start


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  5. Hi Catherine, for the fermented dough do I always add on after using potion of it? Just flour and water no need yeast? What is the maximum days can keep in fridge? Thanks

  6. Hi Catherine, I am new to bread making. I have a qn here. If we were to use the fermented dough, can we still use the timer function in the BM? Or we must make the bread immediately?

    My mum always complain that the bread that I have made taste like huat kweh the next day. Will the fermented dough solve this problem?

    1. Hi Chin Yin Tan, i have not try timer with this fermented dough. So I can't comment.
      Also, I have not tasted huat kweh so i do not know what do you mean taste like huat kweh?

  7. Hello, can you share with me what is enriched bread powder? Thanks

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I have not use enriched bread powder and neither do i know what it is.

    2. Hi Sharon,
      I have not use enriched bread powder and neither do i know what it is.

  8. Hi Catherine, I was able to bake this soft and chewey bread last night! I used the recipe at the top of this blogpost. Thanks a lot!

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  9. How long can you keep the fermented dough in the refrigerator?

  10. Hi Catherine, thank you for sharing, can i addon raisin after the 1st cycle beep with the spoon of oat?

  11. I recently bought bread maker model MMBM12.Can you share bread recipes which does not use eggs. Thks

  12. Hi Catherine, I want to thank you for sharing your recipe. Today it's my first time making a bread with my bm. It was so good, all thanks to your recipe. I didn't expect it to turn out well. But it did. I will try your other recipes too! Thank you again!

    1. Hi dibear, glad to hear from you. You are most welcome.

  13. Hello Catherine.. I have been backing in the Mayer BM using your fermented dough recipe and all my loaves come out beautifully!

    I have a question for you - have you tried baking with just the fermented dough without any additional yeast?

    Thank you.

  14. Hi catherine.

    I just bought this BM yesterday and i am so happy to come across your blog though its so many years ago. Can you please help me out by explaining to me some of the words that was stated in the manual. Such as what is and when do i use it? Thank you very much

    1) feeding point
    2) pattern making point