Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sundried Tomatoes and Black Olive Rye Wholemeal Bread

200g Water * + 1 tbsp water
1 Egg approx 50g*
3/4 tsp Sea salt 
1 2/3 tbsp Dark brown sugar
1 1/2tbsp Olive oil 
240g Bread flour 
50g Wholemeal flour
40g Rye flour
1/2 tsp oregano

1 tsp instant yeast

1-2 tbsp chopped sundried tomatoes
1-2 tbsp chopped black olive

*Note: total egg and water to be 250g. 

Directions using Bread Maker:
1)Place water, egg, sugar, salt, oil, breadflour, wholemeal flour and rye flour and herbs into the tin of the bread machine (according to the sequence as stated in the instruction manual of your bread machine). Make an indentation on the flour and add in the instant yeast. Then cover the yeast with some of the flour.

2) Select "Soft Bread"  "Function 1" with "Light" crust. Select weight 750g.  Press start button to run the program. My BM indicated it take 2hrs 55mins for soft bread to complete the whole cycle.

When the dough started to form, I added 1tbsp water as I saw the dough seems a little dryer than usual. As rye and wholemeal flour require little more water.

3)After 2nd beep when the timer indicate 1:30, gently press start/stop function to pause the function. Remove dough from tin. Remove also the paddle. On a clean and dry board, sprinkle some bread flour(not too much). Place dough on the floured board. With oiled or floured hand, flatten and spread the dough just like you are working on a prata or pizza dough on the board.  Spread the chopped tomatoes and olive onto the dough. Roll up the dough and fold into half. Place the dough back into the BM tin without paddle. Press start/stop button to continue the process.

Note: if you do not wish to do this step, you can omit it by putting in chopped tomatoes and olive into the BM after the BM has started for approx 20min.  I do this sometime. 

4) When the loaf is ready, there will be a continuous beep sound. Remove tin and shake out the loaf onto a rack and leave to cool. Appro. an hour. Slice it and serve.

Today I made some changes in the sequence. Ingredients are the same. But I put in the sundried tomatoes and olive earlier. Instead of after 2nd beep, I changed to just before 1st beep at timing 2:30. The bread is a little light tomatoes colour and it is very flavourful. Full of tomatoes flavour...yum.

2Nov2016 Notes :
Adding the sundried tomatoes and olives before the 1st beep made very flavourful bread.The bread remain soft on the 1st 2days. But the bread become hard on the 3rd day. So, would suggest to spread the tomatoes and olive after 2nd beep if you are keeping the bread more than 2days. 

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