Thursday 22 March 2012

Beancurd Roll (Ngoh Hiang 五香)

Learn this beancurd roll  from  my mother-in-law who loves cooking and trying out new dish on her own without recipe. This is the dish that she has been doing it for over 40 years. however family, especially my 2 children, love beancurd roll. As my children love this dish so much thatrecommendfinitely prepare for every Chinese New Year and after years it become a MUST  dish for Chinese New Year. I will prepare them few days before Chinese New Year and store them in the frozen section of my refrigrator.  For this recipe, I have added yam. However, if you do not like yam, you can omit it. Personally, I find with added yam make the beancurd roll tastier because of the  yam texture and the aroma. 

Ingredients :
1 pc of Beancurd skin
500gm Mince Meat
500gm Prawn (mince)
1 carrot                       )          
¼  Yam                        )     cut and chop into small pieces
5 water chestnut        )         
5 stalks spring onion  (cut into small bit)           
1 tbsp five spices powder
1 tbsp coriander powder(Home fried n grind*)
3 tbsp light sauce
1 ½ tsp sugar
2 tsp potato flour (can replace by plain / corn flour)
1 egg
Dash of pepper

Method :
Remove shell  from the prawn. Wash and use kitchen paper towel to dry it. Mince it.
Put all ingredients (except potatoes flour and egg) into a large pot or bowl.  Mixed well. Then add potato flour and egg.  Mix them well. If the mixture is too moisture,  add another teaspoon of flour. Set aside in the fridge if you are not going to wrap them immediately.
Cut the beancurd skin into size of 6cm x 8cm.
Wrap the mixture in the beancurd skin.
Deep fry beancurd roll in pre-heated oil till it is golden brown. 

*Note: Fry the coriander seeds in a wok without oil till fragrant then grind into powder. If you do not have home made coriander powder,  you can omit this item. I would not suggest you buy ready made unless it is fried before grind. As the taste for unfried coriander powder be very different. 

Special note 1: This dish depend alot on the bean skin saltiness.  So I suggest you scoop a small amount n wrap with a small piece of skin n deep fry to taste whether it is to your desire taste. Because I have reduced the saltiness in this recipe. Usually it will be just right. 

Special note 2 (dated 22/Jan/2014) : Some bean skin are very salty whereas some are not. Even the same brand bean skin vary. Yesterday I used the usual one that was bought from Fairfare, it was not salty. Personally, I prefer Fairprice Pasar brand because the colour after deep fried n saltiness is just right for my taste.  Some bean skin turn brown very easily when it is put into hot oil. Would recommend once oil is heated , lower the fire to medium then put in the roll to deep fry then adjust to high fire again. Adjust the fire according to the colour of the bean skin.  Usually, I will use high fire to deep fry. This process of adjusting the fire is to prevent the roll get burn too quickly and meat not cooked. It is recommended to use high fire just before rolls are remove from fire so that the rolls will not be oily when eat.


  1. What type of beancurd skin. I have a type very salty. Need any preparation on the skin b4 wrapping?

  2. Usually I use those from Fairprice. I use it direct from the packet. Normally. I will reduce the salt in the recipe so that the Ngoh Hiang will taste just right.