Tuesday 30 September 2014

White and Black Fungus Dessert

Honey Rock Sugar can be found in most leading supermarket

Dried Fungus before soak. This can be found in supermarket or Chinese medical hall.

A friend shared with me this dessert. She said this is good for body. This dessert uses simple ingredients and easy to prepare. It is very economical and  very nutritious with lots of benefits to body. Most important it is very nice to eat. Friend said this is good for young and old, boy and girl, man and woman. It is good for hazy weather too. I have read up from Google that both white fungus and black fungus have many benefits to our body.

20g White Fungus/Snow fungus
5g Black Fungus/Wood fungus
1 tbsp Wolfberries(rinsed)
Honey Rock Sugar
4 cups Water

1.Soak the fungus for about half hour or when they have expanded and soft. Wash clean
2.Put the washed fungus into a pot. Add water that cover all the fungus. Put to boil.
3. Once the soup is boiled, lower the fire and continue to simmer for another 30min
4. Add wolfberry(goji) then add honey rock sugar to your taste. Stir till sugar dissolve.
5. Serve.

Note : You can serve this dessert cold too. Allow the dessert to cool at room temperature then place in the fridge for few hours to make as cold dessert.

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