Tuesday 15 September 2015

Belacan Chilli

Dried chilli (soak with water till soft)
Bird eyes chilli (optional if desire more spicy)
Small onion- chopped
Garlic - grind/pounded
Candlenuts -grind/pounded
Belacan -pounded
oil for frying
1tsp sea salt

As I didn't measure them as I make. Share because of many who are interested and asked for recipe.

1. Grind soften dried chilli into paste and add salt in the process
2. Put oil and chopped onion & garlic in wok and fry.
3. Add candlenuts and belacan. Fry for a while. Then remove from fire.
4. Put a bit more oil into wok and put in the chilli paste and fry until fragrance  Add back the onion & garlic mixture into the wok and fry and mixed them well.
5. Off fire. Remove the belacan chilli from wok into a bowl. Let it cool down.

6.Transfer them into container and refrigerate them or frozen them for long keeping time.

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