Wednesday 25 November 2015

Wholemeal Cranberry and Walnuts Bread

The last few days I have been busy baking yoghurt bread, hokkaido bread and other bread.  One day hubby asked whether I have added any nuts and cranberry. Today after searching through google and some facebook group for cranberry and walnuts bread recipe, I couldn't find any suitable one. So I took the soft bread recipe that came with BM and modified the ingredients quite a fair bit. The reason I did this was because I am still not very familiar with Bread Maker. I am not sure how much ingredients will yield 500g or 750g . My BM maximum is 750g.

I used the soft bread recipe for 500g. That is total flour 330g as written in the manual recipe book for a 500g loaf. But I was surprised when the bread is baked. It yield more than 750g loaf! "Profit"! That is, with little flour to achieve tall fluffy bread. Good deal.

This bread is very soft and the aroma is so fragranceful that as I cut I started eating it. Can't resist.

200g Fresh Hokkaido Milk included an egg
50g  Homemade Plain Yoghurt ( or any stored bought yoghurt)
3/4 tsp Sea salt
1 2/3 tbsp sugar
200g Bread flour
100g Wholemeal Flour
30g Rolled oat
20g Chop walnut
20g  Dried cranberry

1 tsp instant yeast

30g Salted Butter

*Note: Let yoghurt stand in room temperature for 30mins to an hour.

Directions using Bread Maker:
1)Place fresh milk, yoghurt, sugar, salt, breadflour, wholemeal flour and rolled oats into the tin of the bread machine (according to the sequence as stated in the instruction manual of your bread machine). Make an indentation on the flour and add in the instant yeast. Then cover the yeast with some of the flour.
2) Use "dough" mode to combine the ingredients until it form a dough then add room temperature soft butter. It took 25mins
3) Use"Sweet Bread" mode under "Function 2" with "Light" crust,  weight 750g. You may adjust according to you Bread Maker's instruction. My BM indicated it take 2hrs 40mins for sweet bread to complete the whole cycle.
4) At the first beep about remainder time 2.18hr, add in all the nuts and cranberry.
5) So now let the Bread Maker does its job and you can relax... When the loaf is ready, there will be a continuous beep sound. Remove tin and shake out the loaf onto a rack and leave to cool. Appro. an hour. Slice it and serve.

You may refer to my other post about how to bake Buns without bread maker from scratch. That is either hand knead or mixer and then bake in oven.

You may like to refer to homemade yoghurt recipe to make your own yoghurt/yogurt with simple steps and utensils are easily found in your kitchen. 😊

This is the original recipe from the bread maker

Original soft bread recipe from the BM:
190g water (190mil)
1 egg (30-50g)
1.7g salt (1/4 small tsp)
21.7g sugar (1 2/3 big tsp)
6.5g Enriched bread powder(1 big tsp)
19.3g Oil (1 3/4 big tsp)
330g High-gluten flour (2 cup)
3.3g Dry yeast (1 small tsp)

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There are different types of wholemeal flour.
For this recipe I had used the fine wholemeal flour as in the above picture.  Coarse wholemeal flour may result in dry crumpy texture.

Happy baking.

Do leave your comments if you have tried and like this recipe.


  1. Hi I tried baking this bread today using your recipe & instruction but it's not as tall as yours. Any idea why or how to make the loaf taller? Thanks!

    1. No idea why too.
      Possible area you can look into is the wholemeal flour that u use and also the measurement. Last, the BM you use