Thursday 21 August 2014

Snow Skin Mooncake (Instant method)

90 gm. Fried/Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (Kao Fen/Kou Fien 糕粉)
10 gm. Wheat Starch (Steam for 2min)
30 gm. Shortening
40 gm. Icing sugar
200 gm. Ice-cream soda or 7-up *(see note 1)
1/2 tsp Banana essence(Original recipe called for pandan essence)
1 tablespoon milk(Not in original recipe)

500 gm. lotus paste
30 gm. melon seeds
(1) Sift the glutinous rice flour/kou fien and wheat starch into a big bowl.
(2) Add icing sugar and shortening into flour and rub with  your finger till it look like bread crumb.
(3) Add banana essence and milk into soft drink.
(4)Pour in ice-cream soda(soft drink) into the flour mixture and mix into  a soft dough. Cover it with cling wrap and place in the fridge for 15min(optional)
(5) Divide the dough. Use a weighing machine and weigh 25g each. Apro 12 portions
(6) Divide the lotus paste fillings into 12 portions of 47g.(I am using a 73g mold)
(7) Flatten each dough and wrap with lotus paste filling. Press into a mooncake mould then press it out/ knock out depend on the kind of mould you use.
(8) Keep in airtight container. Chill before serving.

Note : best to consume snow skin mooncake within 3-4 days
Recipe of dough adapted from Aunty Yochana rainbow snow skin mooncake
Filling bought from Phoon Huat

If you prefer to homemade the lotus paste, you may check this link from

Note 1 : You can replace the frizzy drink with syrup water. That is, 80-100g sugar melt in 180-200g of water by boiling. Leave to cool. Keep in fridge to make cold syrup. However, omit the 40g icing sugar if you are using syrup water.

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