Friday 7 September 2012


My family loves otak. Especially those otak homemade by my mum-in-law. Part of the reason I learn to make otah as my precious son does not like to eat fish. However, I notice each time when mum-in-law cook this dish, he will keep eating in order to encourage my son to eat fish the only way is to make otak.. Also, would want my son to have the calcium that is found in fish. As for my precious daughter, she likes all types and kind of fishes, so I am always very happy to cook this dish for my family. Each time when I visit the wet market, I will look for Mackerel fish, as this type fish is not found in all season in the market that I patronise. Whenever, I see it, I will buy and store in my freezer. According to my mum-in-law, other kind of fishes are also suitable to use for otah.  I had tried other fish, even those fish fillet sold in NTUC supermarket. After trying few types, I would still prefer using Mackerel fish meat. The texture is better.  So come, let cook !

What do you need ? 
Go to wet market and look for Mackerel Fish. Usually I will buy one whole Mackerel and ask the fishmonger to remove the bone for me before I bring it home (remember to also bring the bone home because there are also meat within the bone, don't waste!) When I reach home, I will wash the fish and remove the meat using a spoon, if I am going to make the otah the same day. However, if I do not have time to make that day, I will keep the fish in freezer and defroze the next time when I am going to use it.

500gm Mackerel Fish Meat                                                       
2 tsp sugar                                                                                 
1 tsp potato flour / cornflour                                                            
3 big tbsp homemade chilli paste / replace with store bought laska chilli paste
1 tsp tumeric powder
a dash of pepper

250gm coconut milk ( I usually use Guan Heng brand)

1.5 tsp sea salt

1. Combine all the ingredients (except coconut milk and salt) in a big bowl. Mix them well with a pair of chopstick or fork.
2. Add coconut milk. Mix them well. (do not over mixed)
3. Add salt and mix them very quickly (do not over mixed. else it will be tough)
4. Cover the bowl of mixture with cling wrap or any kind of cover and leave in the fridge for about an hour. You can always prepare this in the morning and leave them in the fridge until time to cook.
5. Pour the mixture into a baking tray with pre-prepared banana leave on top of alu foil. Level the mixture. Put into oven toaster to toast for 30min. or put into pre-heat oven 220 degree and bake for 20-30min or until it is slight brown.
6. However, if you wish to make like the one in this picture,  instead of pouring everything into a tray, you just need to use your bare hand to make into shape. Bake in oven or toaster for 30min or when it is brown depending on individual oven.

P.s. : Salt has to add last, as once it is added, the mixture will start to harden.

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