Wednesday 15 January 2014

Ondeh Ondeh

1 cup mashed sweet potato
2 cups glutinous rice flour
3/4 cup water
6 stalk pandan leave
Gula Melaka
Fresh grated coconut (without skin) 1packet Or 1whole coconut
1/4 tsp salt
1 big pot of boiling water

1.Add salt onto grated coconut and steam for about 4-5min. Then set aside.
2.Slice gula melaka into thin & small pieces. Set aside.
3.Cut pandan leave and add a cup of water. Put into blender and blend it. Squeeze out the juice. Filter and remove any fibre.
4. Combine glutinous rice flour , mashed sweet potato, Pandan juice and knead into a smooth dough. Note: If the sweet potato is wet, add lesser pandan juice. Dough should be smooth and soft, but will remain in shape. 
5. Roll dough into 2cm dia  n cut into 4cm length. Make them into small balls. Flatten the ball, wrap with 1 tsp of Gula in center of dough and make into a ball. Repeat until all dough is done.
6. Boil water in big pot. When water id boiled, drop in uncooked oneh oneh one at time. Let continue boil until the ondeh ondeh float on top of water.
7. Remove those ondeh ondeh that are floating and drop them into the pre-steam grated Coconut. Make sure all coated with coconut.
8. Serve the oneh oneh.

Note: the ondeh ondeh skin taste more QQ when it is completely cool. Store in fridge make it taste nicer. Consume within 24hours.

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