Thursday 8 October 2015

Chicken Wings (Pan fry/Oven Baked)

3kg chicken wings (cut)

Homemade sauce marinating:
2 thumbs size ginger paste/minced
4 cloves garlic paste/minced
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
1/2 tsp pepper
11/2 tsp homemade coriander powder*
4 tbsp oyster sauce
3 tbsp dark soya sauce
1 tbsp light soya sauce
3 tbsp sesame oil

Wash and cut the chicken wings. That is , cut the little drumstick from the mid wing at the joint area, and remove wing tips and discarded. Transfer them into a big bowl.

In a small bowl, put all the rest ingredients and mixed well. 
Pour the mixture into the chicken wings and mix them well. Let it marinate for at least for 2 hours.
Keep the marinated chicken wings in fridge until you are about to grill or pan fry. This can be make 1 day in advance.

For oven bake, pre heat oven to 220°C and line all the chicken wings in the tray and bake for 30min. In between the bake, turn the wings to let both bake till golden brown.

For pan fry, I use a Happy Call. Pan fry both side till it is cooked and golden brown.

*Note: You may replace it with five spices powder or omit it altogether.

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