Thursday 19 November 2015

Wholemeal Hokkaido Milk Loaf

This bread is very fluffy and soft though it is used with 90% wholemeal flour and 10% cake flour. The past few days I have been eating very densed and heavy bread made by my new breadmaker using other recipe.
Today i am very happy with wholemeal hokkaido milk loaf. It is soft and fluffy and full of milk aroma. Thanks Everyday Eat Well.  I have reduced the sugar level as I prefer less sweet loaf. I believe will go well as ham or tuna sandwich.

Recipe adapted from Everyday Eat Well with thanks!

Ingredients for a 600+ gram loaf
110g fresh milk (I used low fat)
75g heavy whipping cream
1 large egg beaten (60g. But I used 54g)
40g sugar ( I used only 20g)
3/4 tsp or 4.5g salt
2 1/2tbsp milk powder (Nestle Everyday milk powder)
270g wholemeal flour
30g cake flour(I substituted with 3/4 cup plain flour mixed with 2tbsp cornflour, then measure only 30g)
1 2/3tsp or 5g instant yeast

1. Put the ingredients in sequent into your bread maker. That is wet ingredients at the bottom and dry on top. Put the yeast last. Dig a small hole in the flour then put the yeast into it and cover with flour. Select "Sweet Bread" mode, select"Light" crust, and "750g". Each Bread Maker(BM)is different so choose the options according to your BM. My Mayer bread maker indicated it will take 2hr 40 min.
Note: It is recommended to choose "Light" crust  as the crust will turn out darker brown. The above picture of the loaf, I have selected crust option "Light" and the loaf still turned out in nice brown colour.

There are different types of wholemeal flour.
I used fine wholemeal flour as in above picture. Coarse may result in dry crumpy texture.

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Happy baking. Leave a comments.

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