Tuesday 28 February 2017

Rice "Pizza"

1st Mar 2017

I used to make this for lunch few years ago. Was browsing you tube cooking channel and happened to see this chef using rice cake(he used Japanese rice cake) to make pizza. Back then I was "inspired" to make gluten meal for a family member who has to off gluten for short period of time. While searching what to cook, I saw this  video. Anyway, I did not managed to cook for him as he has resumed to gluten meal. Haha. However, I cooked that for myself instead. Because I was curious how it taste? 

I tried cooking  with china made dried rice cake. I have also tried homemade that using glutinous rice flour add with water and made into a dough. And also tried with Korean rice cake. Didn't try Japanese rice cake as it is very costly.  

Of all that I had tried, the Korean rice cake texture is the best in my opinion. I like chewy texture. China made rice cake is not too bad, the only thing is need to soak in water for few hours before use. Otherwise it will be too hard to even bite. Homemade is good but I couldn't achieve the chewy texture like the korean rice cake. One good thing if use glutinous rice flour, you can have it anytime. The frozen korean rice cake which I bought here has only few months shelf life. Usually I do not stock them up. I will only buy when I need it. Whereas, I always have glutinous flour in my kitchen😊

As usual, I do not follow through a recipe. I did quite a fair bit of changes in term of method and ingredients. 

1 cup or a small bowl of frozen korean rice cake
1/4 cup cooked meat. Your choice of meat. I use leftover matmite pork
3-4 pork meat balls (optional)
2 tablespoon tomatoes paste (ready sauce for spaghetti)
2 tablespoon mozzeralla cheese

1.Wash some of ready korean rice cake.
2.Put them into a bowl or plate which can withstand oven temperature 250°c
3. Add  cooked meat. 
4. Spread 1-2 tablespoon tomatoes paste. Those paste for pizza or spaghetti.
5. Sprinkle about 1-2 tablespoon mozzeralla cheese. 
6. Put into oven toaster(if u have) or traditional oven(preheat 200°c) and bake for about 10min or when the cheese turn light brown. 

Serve hot. 

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