Thursday 28 May 2015

Honey Lemon

By chance saw a blog which is in chinese some days ago. The blogger use lemon soak in honey. It inspired me to do the same as I want to know how would it taste like? I had tried squeezed lemon juice added into honey drink. I wonder what is the different?  Out of curiosity, since I have one lemon left I in my fridge, decided to make this sliced lemon soak in honey. After 2 days which is today...I can't wait to try. Past 2 days when I opened the fridge and saw the bottle of lemon soak in honey, I have the "prompting" wanted to "steal" some slices of lemon to eat. Which i did!  :)

Wow! It is very refreshing to eat the honey soaked lemon as its own. I eat like tidbits..haha. The honey after soak with lemon has become more watery because of the lemon juice. I use about a spoon of this honey and added into water..Wow! Nice! 

So this is another new way of eating the entire lemon with skin. After soaking, the whole lemon taste like those tidbits sold in tidbits shop. It is less sour with honey sweetness. Very nice.

This is the simple step to make this honey lemon:

2 Lemons

Some salt (for washing lemon)

Other Required Things:
2 glass bottles with lid that can be tighten
A knife(must be sharp)
A chopping board
A clean spoon
A pair of chop sticks

1. Use the salt to rub the skin of lemon and wash with water thoroughly. This is to remove  the chemical on the lemon skin. 
2. Dry the lemons with a paper towel. Place it on the chopping board. Use the sharp knife to slice the lemon into thin pieces. 
3. In the cleaned bottle, put a spoon of honey. Then placr a slice of lemon into the bottle. Then spread another spoon of honey on top of lemon. Repeat this until you finish all the lemon slices. Make sure every slice of lemon is covered with honey. Honey need to cover the lemon.
4. Close the bottle with the lid. Tighten. Leave in the chiller for 2 days. 

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