Friday 20 November 2015

How to fry rice without sticking on stainless steel wok

My family love eating fried rice. Recently I switched from hard anodised wok to stainless steel wok. From many reviews learnt that stainless steel wok stick easily. Many find stainlese steel wok stick more than other wok, so how to use little oil to fry rice yet rice doesn't stick on wok?
In the past, when i was using hard anodized wok,  after heat up wok, i will lower the heat first then crack an egg onto the wok then i put in the rice.
I find stainless steel wok is more hot than other wok when it is heated up. When i do the same hard anodised wok method on stainless steel wok,  before i could even put in the rice, the egg cooked immediately.

So how to solve this problem?
I did these 2 methods and both work.

1. Put 1- 2 spoons of oil in the stainless steel wok. Let the wok heat up a while, oil the wok. off the fire then crack an egg into the wok so that the egg will not cook too fast. You need runny egg. Quickly add in the cooked rice when egg is still runny. With very quick "action" stir the rice in the wok to coat every grains of rice with the egg. Then on the fire again. With high fire fry the rice. When rice is coated with egg, it will not stick on wok.

2. Crack an egg onto cooled cooked rice. And mixed them together. Do this process just before frying. Make sure every grains is coated with egg. Put 1-2 spoons of oil into cleaned and dry stainless steel wok then on the fire. Pour in the egg coated cooked rice. With high heat fry them.
This method give a very egg fragranced rice. Taste very good as every grains had been coated with egg.

Suggestion rice vs egg:
1) 2-3 cups of rice (measure before cooked). Cooked then cool down at room temperature or overnight rice is the best for doing fried rice.
2) 1-2 eggs

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  1. I really love your blog and sharing! So genuine and simple and inspiring! I look forward to more awesome recipes and yummy posts from you!