Thursday 26 November 2015

Soaked Rolled Oats

About a year ago, this soaked oats was very popular in FB posts.. Everyone is talking about it. After sometime, the "trend" die of "natural death"...

Nevertheless, this is a good and healthy breakfast that is yummy and also convient. You can prepare one night before and next morning bring to office if you are in a rush for time.

Usually I like to prepare this at night before sleep and bring it out from refrigerator half to an hour before breakfast. So that it will not be too cold for my stomach especially in the morning.

However, if it is in the afternoon,  I like to consume it straight from refrigerator like a cold dessert especially in a hot day.

Personal preference : I like this oat to soak with strawberry. Find strawberry goes very well with this. As it is not easy to get nice and sweet strawberry in my country all year round. So I will replace strawberry with other fruits.

2-3 tbsp rolled oats
1 tbsp chia seed
1 tbsp yoghurt (I used homemade yoghurt)
Appro 1 cup fresh milk
2 green grapes - cut*
2 red grapes - cut*
1/4 oranges - cut*
Honey - (optional)

*note : you may replace with strawberry and other fruits. Add bananas only during serving.

Prepare a 300-400mil cleaned dry glass bottle with lid that can be tighten. I usually use recycled bottle from jam.

Put in oats and chia seed. Stir the mixture with a spoon with just few stroke. Purpose is the mixed them. Add yoghurt. Pour in the milk, make sure it cover the oats. Top with cut fruits. Add honey, if you like it sweet. (I prefer natural fruit sweetness, so I do not add honey.) Cover with lid.

Leave the bottle in the refrigerator overnight. Serve soaked oat in the next morning.

Note: Do not keep this more than 2 days. It is advise to best make the night before and consume it in the next day.

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