Tuesday 15 December 2015

Kimchi Pancake

It has been few years since I made this kimchi pancake. This morning my princess request this for lunch before she left house.

I used homemade kimchi and added some chinese cabbages as I am running out of kimchi. In the past i used all kimchi with added seafood. Today just have to go easy.

Usually when  I am being asked "how did you make this?" It is a difficult question for me. I am cook based on my experience and usually without measuring the ingredients nor seasoning. So, to give the exact amount what is used on a dish will be a challenge!

1/2 cup kimchi( i used homemade kimchi)
1 tbsp fish sauce
1- 1 1/2 tbsp korean hot pepper paste
2 leaves of chinese cabbage chopped
4 big prawns removed shell & cut small pieces and seasoned with salt & pepper
2 stalk spring onions cut into inches
Some plain flour abt 3/4 to a cup
Some glutinous rice flour about 1/4
Some water

Note : Above ingredients measurement is estimation. As I usually do not measure them but base on experience by seeing the colour and texture and amount..etc.
Please adjust to your own desire.

1.Place all ingredients into a big bowl except water. Then slowly incorporate the water and stir until you see a soft medium thick batter. Water depend on how watery the kimchi is. So need to exercise wisdom :)

2.Use a non-stick pan. Heat up and add a small spoon of oil on  moderate fire. Use a kitchen paper towel to oil the base of the frying pan.  Scoop about 2-3 big spoon on the pan and spread it out to make it thin like pancake.

3.Flip the pancake after few minutes to cook the other side. When both sides are cooked. It is like frying egg omelette.

4. Continue to pan fry the rest.

Serve when it is hot.

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