Monday 7 December 2015

Wholemeal Rolled Oat Bread (Non-Refrigerated Yudane)

This is fluffly and soft bread using rolled oats and wholemeal flour. To achieve the soft texture, I used fine wholemeal flour. It is a modification from another of my earlier wholemeal-bread post which using yudane dough(日本汤种).

Initially I have no intention to write this recipe. However, a friend was interested and asked for recipe.

2 days ago, I did this same Wholemeal Rolled Oats loaf using refrigerated yudane. Refer more details about yudane in earlier yudane post.

This time I tried the non-refrigerated yudane method. Which is from this Hand-Made Bread book (手工QQ面包).  That is, after mixing flour with 100°C boiling water, i covered the yudane dough and left it on the table counter for few hours. It was approximate 3 hours+/-.

I like using yudane method as i can achieve a tall fluffy soft loaf with very little flour used. Basing on my BM given recipe, 500g loaf needed 330g flour. However, this yudane method only uses total flour 280g. That is dry flour 220g plus 60g flour use in yudane.

With only 280g flour, it yield a tall loaf like 750g or more.

If you have a good recipe, you can try yudane method. That is take 20% of the total flour to make yudane.

Orginal recipe  : 280g flour and 210g milk/water

20% of 280g is approx. 60g flour for yudane
Yudane flour  = yudane water
100°c boiling water for yudane is 60g

Modified recipe :
220g (280-60) flour and 150g (210-60)milk/water
Yudane 120g apro.(60g flour + 60g water)

There is a slight different in the 2 yudane loaves. Refrigerated yudane seems to yield slightly taller loaf by a cm than non-refrigerated yudane.

This loaf used non-refrigerated yudane

This loaf used refrigerated yudane. You may check on my earlier post on refrigerated yudane.

They are both equally soft and fluffy. No different in texture.


150g Cold fresh milk
30g Soft butter(room temperature)
3/4 Tsp salt
1 3/4 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp milk powder
150g Bread flour
50g Wholemeal flour
20g Rolled Oats

1 Tsp Instant yeast

60g bread flour
60g boiling hot water
Mix both to form a dough. Cover. Set aside and leave at room temperature until lukewarm. Approx 3hours+/-

Sweet bread mode 1 light crust  750g. 2.40hr

1.In the BM baking tin, add milk, salt, sugar, yudane, milk powder, butter, rolled oats and flour in sequence. Make an indentation on the flour and add in the instant yeast. Then cover the yeast with some of the flour.

2. Set "Sweet Bread", "Light" crust, weight 750g. My bread maker take 2hrs 40min.

3. When the bread is ready, there will be a continuous beep sound. Remove tin and shake out the loaf onto a rack and leave to cool. Appro. 1-2 hour. Slice it and serve.

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